Thursday, August 04, 2005


NYCLU Suing Over Bag Searches

This story was on TV in the background as I was getting ready for work this morning. According to the expanded story on Channel 1, the NYPD's policy is to search bags "randomly" based on a mathematical formula (e.g. search every 12 or 14 people). My question is how do you search every 12 people unless they are actually in a line? New Yorkers don't stand in lines to get on subways and trains.

And anyway, as everyone in NYC knows, the police aren't really searching every 12th or 14th person. They are standing around chatting with each other and checking out women. I haven't seen a single search in any of the subway or train stations since this policy was instituted. So if you stand around for an hour without searching anyone and then you decide to search some guy with a backpack, haven't you already violated your "random search" policy by failing to search the 12th or 14th person before him and then the 12th or 14th person before that guy and so on for the previous hour? IMO, this random search policy is BS and serves no purpose other than to create the appearance that there is no racial profiling.

Anyway, predictably, the NYCLU isn't buying the no racial profiling policy and they are preparing to file a lawsuit.

Update: Lawsuit filed

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