Friday, August 05, 2005


Guestbook Worthless? You Decide

I'm taking an informal poll

This morning I checked my email and discovered there were four new entries to my Bravenet Guestbook. When I went to read them, however, all I discovered were a bunch of entries consisting of the words "good site" followed by the person's website. I guess these people must all know each other - or there is some kind of spammer's code of conduct that I don't know about.

Anyway, my question is: should I remove the guest book since it seems to serve no other purpose than to provide spammers with a place to congregate? On the other hand, does its existence deter people from spamming directly in my comments? If so, it might be worth keeping just for that purpose.

As a follow up question - is there anyway to punish these people? Should I retaliate by spamming in their site - or encouraging my readers to spam in their sites? I think I'm above that, don't you? Should I post something on their websites to let then know how I feel about their behavior? Of course, I now I shouldn't feel so annoyed and violated - they are just minor nuisances, after all. Well, thanks for listening. I guess I mostly just wanted to vent.

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