Thursday, August 04, 2005


Cute Story That Demonstrates the Advantages of Mediation

Lemonade Stand Dispute Ends in "Merger"

New York LawyerAugust 4, 2005

By The Associated Press

SALEM, Mass. -- A dispute between two boys hawking lemonade and a rival vendor who forced police to shut down their unlicensed stand was resolved Wednesday after the mayor orchestrated what he called "a corporate merger."

Mayor Stanley Usovicz said sausage stand owner Kevin Kefalas agreed to allow Dominic Serino, 9, and Ryan Decker, 11, to operate as subcontractors under his vending license following an impromptu outdoor meeting initiated by Usovicz.

The agreement expires when school starts.

Kefalas' employee, Jarrod Crowley, reported the boys to police Saturday, saying their stand was affecting his business, which also sells lemonade. He said he didn't want the stand closed, just moved farther away.

But without a $2,200 vendor's license, the police were forced to shut it down.

Crowley said he's endured his share of icy stares since the incident.

Ryan Decker's mother, Angela, said the boys started selling their powder-based brew last summer and made a "killing" -- $130.

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