Thursday, August 04, 2005


Actor Blake's First Wife Claims He Put a Hit Out on Her

According to CNN, Blake's first wife, Sondra Kerr Blake, was deposed in a civil lawsuit filed by Bonnie Lee Bakley's children against Robert Blake. She testified that she learned some time in the 1970s that Blake had put out a hit on her and her then-boyfriend, actor Steve Railsback. Allegedly, Blake had planned to make the double-murder look like a revenge-killing for Kerr Blake's and Railsback's participation in the movie Helter Skelter (about Charles Manson).

Kerr Blake said that the director of Helter Skelter told her about the plot, but she did not as him how he learned about it. Well, call me crazy, but that seems to show a surpising lack of curiosity on her part.

The CNN article pointed out that Kerr Blake did not testify about the alleged hit at Blake's murder trial.

Umm . . . no kidding. Perhaps because that would be double hearsay? And it probably wouldn't be admissible in a civil trial either.

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