Friday, July 15, 2005


Helpful List of Things Every Law Firm Associate Should Know

Anonomoust first-year associate (posting under the name Stan Stankowski) provides a list of ten things new associates should know. While it is partly tongue in cheek, it is essentially accurate.

I feel I do need to add one caveat to the list, because of its gender-biased perspective. Item no. 4 warns that "Associates who are in their seventh and eighth years are not your friends. They are not anyone's friend. They are mean and devious. This is a result of being too expensive and old to lateral and a constant fear that they will not make partner, coupled with the pressure of a wife and three kids and a mortgage. It isn't their fault. Really."

Of course Stan's post seems to assume that these mean seventh and eight year associates are male and attributes at least some of their meanness to pressure from the wife and three kids.

As most junior associates quickly learn, there are many female senior associates who are even meaner and more devious as their male counter-parts, which I think can be partly explained by the fact that they don't have wives at home taking care of the three kids.

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