Friday, June 03, 2005


Where Did Erica Go Wrong?

Wow, I've had to sit through some really boring, annoying, even political graduation speeches, but I've never heard of people booing the speaker, throwing things, or standing up and conducting conversations with friends and family during the speech.

Apparently, people at the College of Staten Island's commencement ceremony were so offended by Erica Jong's remarks that they did all those things.

Having read the excerpts in the news article, I don't really see what the big deal was with her speech. I guess you had to be there. Is it so offensive these days to call on American students to question and challenge the status quo, even in a graduation speech? Isn't that what young people are supposed to do? I agree that a graduation speech should be inspiring, but the criticism that it was not enough of a "pep talk" seems pretty superficial.

Personally, I'm more shocked by the rudeness of the audience than by the comments themselves. Maybe a speech on manners would have been more appropriate for people who apparently prefer to be coddled rather than challenged.

Story courtesy of Instapundit, who I'm sure would disagree with everything I just wrote.

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