Saturday, June 04, 2005


Okay. This Story Just Keeps Getting Weirder.

Can we drop the Quran-abuse stories now? Expecially since most of the abuse seems to be committed by the detainees themselves.

Update: This post summarizes my feelings precisely. Money quote:

Please tell me there is not now forming in the Arab world a new call to arms: "There is one Cry Baby, and Allah is his name."

Update: After arguing this issue with my boyfriend, who usually plays Mr. Conservative to my Ms. PC (he claims he's a Moderate, but I said that calling himself a Moderate just gives the impression that he is Reasonable), I realized that my annoyance with this Quran-abuse issue is grounded in my deep-seated disgust of any religious group that elevates its "holy book" over the lives and sensibilities of other people. My involvement for several years in a Bible-based group showed me that adhering to a codified belief system simply because it is contained in a holy book leads people to lose touch with their individual consciences. Following the rules of their holy book gives them a spiritual pass when it comes to matters of conscience and morality and makes them insensitive to the suffering of others.

At least that's what I've observed.

People who are stupid enough to riot over reports of book-abuse should not be heard to complain when those reports turn out to be false.


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