Wednesday, June 15, 2005


Little Things that Make a Difference

I am in apartment hunting mode and I recently found a blog that I have fallen in love with, called Apartment Therapy.

It has great advice and resources on home decorating. This post is about little things you can do to improve your living experience.

Some tips:

• When you wake in the morning, make your bed.
• Always leave the shower curtain pulled across, so that it can dry and not mildew.
• Use your kitchen in the morning, even if it only to have a glass of orange juice.
• Always include a thank you note with your rent.
• Don’t let your refrigerator fill up with old food. Clean it out at least once a week.
• Floss each night.
• Put all clothes away or in the laundry before going to bed each night.
• Get in bed early and read a novel for ½ hour.

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