Monday, June 27, 2005


Lawgirl's Guide to New York Dives and Deals

In a city of $20 brunches, Flight 151 is a refreshing departure (no pun intended). The restaurant's name is presumably inspired by its kitschy flight-school decor (vintage propeller airplanes flying into clouds - that sort of thing). But the real inspiration is its $7.95 weekend brunch special, which includes home fries or steak fries, sausage or bacon, toast, and a drink. I took advantage of the build-your-own omelet option to customize a Cheddar cheese, mushroom and tomato omelet, while my boyfriend ordered the salmon and cream cheese omelet. The salmon was a bit too fishy for our tastes, but as my boyfriend said, at $7.95, he was probably being too optimistic. The breakfast sausages were delicious - the best I've tasted in New York. The food was served in generous - as opposed to coma-inducing - portions by a friendly, efficient waitress. Although our Entertainment Book coupon garnered us one free meal, the brunch is a good deal even at full price.

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