Wednesday, June 22, 2005


Lawgirl's Guide to New York Dives and Deals

Tonight my boyfriend and I stumbled on the Portfolio Restaurant and Gallery after the outdoor concert we planned to attend in Madison Square Park was rained out. We were wandering around the flatiron district looking for a place to eat and discovered this little gem tucked away on 19th Street just west of 5th Avenue. I was a slightly hesitant because the place was practically deserted, but the menu looked reasonable and it was the only restaurant we encountered after walking four blocks in the downpour.

Well, I have to say it was delicious. We shared one appetizer (mussels in wine sauce), the Pizza De Palma (mozzarella, ham and arugula), and the chocolate mousse pie (yummmm). We also ordered a pint of beer and two glasses of Australian Shiraz (I won't say who had the two drinks - hic!). The homemade bread, which was served hot with olive oil, was positively addictive.

The total (including tax and tip) was about $50.00. It's definitely not a dive and maybe it doesn't quite qualify as a deal, but the prices are not bad for New York. The food tastes fresh and homemade, the atmosphere was warm and relaxed, and the service was very good. You can have an excellent, satisfying meal for a decent price surrounded by beautiful artwork.

Apparently, they deliver in the area.

Speaking of deals, even though our concert was a washout, there will be many more opportunities to hear free music at Madison Square Park this summer. Here is the schedule.

And see a more complete listing of free concerts here.

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