Thursday, May 05, 2005


What do you want to be when you grow up?

Growing up, my favorite movies were courtroom dramas.

A small-town lawyer who outsmarts the big-city suits and proves his client's innocence using a pair ladies' underwear.

Two famous lawyers played by two great actors battle over evolution in an overheated southern courtroom.

A criminal defense lawyer who thinks he has freed an innocent man learns that a woman driven by love can outsmart a lawyer driven by ego.

If you can name these movies without running a google search, you may have some idea why I became a lawyer.

Long before I ever became one, I understood that real lawyers are to movie lawyers as the real world is to . . . well . . . the "Real World."

(Notice the use of the "analogy" - my strongest standardized test subject - which has been excised from the LSAT test, more's the pitty. But, I digress.)

Perhaps my appreciation for this gap between reality and fiction accounts to some extent for the temporal gap between my college graduation and my entry into law school some ten years later. I knew that reality could never match up to the iconic figure of lawyer-as-hero that had inserted itself into my impressionable brain through the medium of the silver screen.

Nevertheless, a couple of years into my third decade of life, I realized that, while being a real lawyer may never measure up to the image of the movie-lawyer, being anything else would never measure up to my image of myself. So I packed myself off to law school and embarked on a journey that has led me here.

And where is "here," you may well ask. What do I have to offer that you can't read in the weblogs of a thousand self-absorbed, self-appointed cultural critics who are convinced that the rest of the world is breathlessly awaiting their profound insights on matters of such social importance as how much carry-on luggage each passenger should be permitted to cram into an over-head compartment and whether Paula Abdul's affair with an American Idol contestant would really have any effect on the voting public?

Well, I'll tell you.

My objective is humble.

I am sure that my opinions on life, love and reality television are of little interest to anyone except my friends and family.

I believe there are others who share my obsession with the law - the fact that you can turn on your t.v. at any given time and find an episode of Law & Order lends some credence to my belief.

So, here I am. Although still relatively new to the profession, I have some experiences to share with those who are in the initial stages of considering a career in law. I hope you will find my experiences and insights, such as they are, helpful and, if not, at least mildly entertaining.

Love the lawgirl

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