Friday, May 27, 2005


"Religious Respect" Irreconcilable With Christian Evangelistic Beliefs?

This article about the U.S. Airforce's new campaign for Religious Respect raises a question in my mind of whether such a policy can ever be reconciled with evangelistic beliefs.

The new policy states that "Senior leaders, commanders, and supervisor at every level must be particularly sensitive to the fact that subordinates can consider your public expressions of belief systems coercive. Using your place at the podium as a platform for your personal beliefs can be perceived as misuse of office.”

Apparently, the policy is being implemented in response to complaints by non-christians that they are getting harassed by evangelistic christians.

I have a little bit of experience with evangelistic christians and I know that they interpret most efforts to curb their evangelism as being - at least - disrespectful of their religious beliefs. Any policy of Religious Respect that limits the ability of evangelistic christians to spread their beliefs will be perceived as intolerant to their religion.


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