Wednesday, May 11, 2005


New Features On My Blawg

I've been messing around today with my template and have added some new features to my blawg, which are listed below.

Hopefully it's not getting too cluttered. I think that some of these features will be useful to readers.

I've been researching the whole blogging process on-line and there is a lot to learn, particularly on the subject of syndication. A week ago I had never even heard the term "RSS," which I know now stands for "Really Simple Syndication." Basically, it's a format that allows people to have updates from blogs (and other sites equipped with RSS, such as the New York Times and Yahoo) sent directly to their desktops. It's really cool. And you can do it for free.

In order to take advantage of RSS, you need to subscribe to an Aggregator, such as (which is web-browser based, so you don't need to download any software). Then you go to the webpage you want to syndicate and add the "site feed" to your Blogline account. From then on, when you log into your Blogline account, it will tell what updates have been posted to your syndicated websites. You can read whatever topics interest you and ignore the rest.

RSS avoids the whole email notification process, which just clutters up your inbox unnecessarily, as well as the manual hunting around through websites looking for updates. With RSS, they come right to one location on your desktop.

I hope this explanation is somewhat clear. This is all new to me.

Anyway, I added the following items to my blawg:

1. A link to my RSS "site feed" - This lets readers know that my blawg is equipped for syndication, so they can add it to their Aggregators.

2. I have also added a traditional email subsciption box to my blawg. Theoretically, if you type in your email address, you can get emails sent to you notifying you when I have posted updates. Use this if you don't want to use Bloglines or one of the other Aggregators to have updates sent directly to your desktop. Personally, I am a Blogline convert.

3. I have added a search box that allows you to search my blawg as well as any blogs listed on Technorati (a free service that lists and rates over a million blogs).

4. I have subscribed to, a service that allows you to create a "blogroll" (a list of favorite blogs) to display on your website. My Blogroll is listed under the heading "Blogs and Blawgs I like."

5. There is a "Blogroll me" link at the bottom of my blogroll. Please click on it if you have a Blog or website and add me to your list. Let me know and I will add you to mine.

I think that's it for now. Let me know if you have any questions or comments.

Any suggestions for improving the site are appreciated.

Love the Lawgirl

p.s. Here are some blogs and websites that discuss RSS:

RSS Topics on BeSpecific, a blawg by Sabrina Pacific

Advice to the Bloglorn, by Louis C. Ambash

An article by Debbie Weil listing RSS resources

A blog about RSS

Update: An article about RSS on Law Dawg Blawg

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