Saturday, May 14, 2005


I'd Like To Order an Emergency Appropriations Act - hold the Real ID bill

The ACLU has come up with a creative advertisement to publicize their campaign against the Real ID Act (see link).

They argue that the government's centralized network (which will contain all kinds of personal information) will be a prime target for identity thieves and terrorists.

To participate in the ACLU's letter-writing campaign to Congress (telling them how displeased you are with them for not removing the Real ID Act from the Bill), go to the ACLU's website

Thanks to my boyfriend for emailing me the link.

Bruce Schneier issued some dire warnings about the Act, which have elicited many comments and trackbacks. I agree with PrawfsBlawg's point that, regardless of how you feel about the Act, the bigger problem is the way it was passed.

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