Friday, May 27, 2005


I Knew This Would Happen

The other night I was watching Law & Order Criminal Intent - an episode "ripped from the headlines," as they like to say, about judge killings - when one of the regulars suggests putting out an APB for "somebody in a Tom DeLay T-shirt."

I thought "uh oh. Tom is gonna be pissed off when he hears about this."

And that's exactly what happened. (Thanks to Christine Hurt at Conglomerate for the link).

Christine Hurt says she didn't see the episode, but feels that Tom should "know that if he became a public figure that television shows that capitalize on depicting public figures would spotlight him."

I saw the episode, which started out really well, but deteriorated (as most L&O episodes do) at the end when the whole criminal scheme is spilled by the bad guy's naive co-conspirator who, of course, is tricked into confessing by the brilliant detective's ploy to pit the two defendants against each other (snore).

Anyone who has ever watched an episode of L&O would never fall for this trick. Why do they keep falling for it on the show? Maybe in L&O world, there is no t.v. show like L&O to tip you off that when the detective starts telling you all the reasons you should turn on your co-defendant, you should just shut your mouth and ask for your lawyer, because it means they can't make their case without your confession.

And more importantly, why do I keep watching this show, in all its various incarnations, when I know exactly how its going to turn out and I am NEVER surprised by the "surprise ending." sheesh. Apparently, this woman would sympathize with my inexplicable and probably unhealthy addiction.

But I digress.

This whole DeLay debacle got me wondering if anyone has ever sued L&O - no not for marketing a dangerously addictive product, but for ripping a little too close to someone's headlines. I ran a quick google search and came up empty. Anyone know the answer to that question?

I have no love for Tom DeLay and I think his attacks on the judiciary are idiotic, but even I had a cringe reaction to the DeLay comment. I thought it was juvenile and tasteless. The L&O producers explained that "This isolated piece of gritty 'cop talk' was neither a political comment nor an accusation." Hmmmm. I definitely interpreted it as a political comment that they placed in the mouth of a "gritty" cop. It was so clearly not something a gritty cop would normally say, it had to be an expression of some producer's political views. I had no problem with that part of it. I just thought the line didn't work well as dialogue and was kind of stupid.

I don't blame Tom for being mad, but I think he should have just let it go, or deflected it with a gracious, funny rebuttal. I wish more politicians handled bad publicity that way, instead of making every incident into a federal case (no pun intended).

Love the Lawgirl

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