Thursday, May 12, 2005


And the Winner of the "Too Little Too Late" Award is . . .

. . . Clarence Stower who belatedly offered to return the severed fingertip of 23-year old, Brandon Fizer, a custard shop employee who lost his fingertip in a mixing machine. Stower found Fizer's fingertip in a cup of frozen custard he purchased from the store, but refused to return it at the time, even though he knew doctors in the Emergency Room were standing by to reattach the fingertip.

Now it's too late, since (1) fingertips have to be reattached within about six hours; and (2) after absconding with the finger, Stower apparently put it in his freezer - frozen fingertips can't be reattached.

The selfishness of some people truly boggles the mind. I'll be interested to see if Fizer sues Stower and what the outcome of that litigation will be.

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